What is Vibrational Alignment?

What is vibrational alignment?  Everything in this universe is vibration. Your senses translate this vibration, hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell. The most important sense you have is what many call your 6th sense, your intuition, or your knowing.  What that really is, is your inner being responding through law of attraction to the frequencies of vibration that are match to the frequency of emotion you are currently emitting. If you are feeling good then your frequency is high and you are attracting positive people, experiences and thoughts that match that higher level of vibration bringing you good things.

An example would be. Say you are driving to work on your normal route and you have a sudden impulse to drive a different way. You do this sometimes questioning this diversion to normal behaviour and sometimes you don’t. Later you may hear through a collegue or friend that there was a car accident or roadworks on the other route and traffic was held up and you would have been late. If you had ignored your impulse that really would not have mattered, you would have had the choice of making the most of your time sitting in traffic, making lists of positive aspects and appreciating all the good things in your life in your mind. This would have maintained your higher vibration. You could also have been angry at yourself for not listening to your impulse and stewed at your predicament. Either way you have the option of positive thoughts or negative ones. The one thing that would have come out of the experience is that next time you have an impulse to go a certain way, then you probably will. You always have the choice of turning a negative into a positive.

When you have negative emotions in your experience they are always caused by your attention to a situation in the opposite of how your inner being is looking at it. Your inner being is always of a higher vibrational nature and you enjoy being in that higher state.

We need contrast in our life for our expansion. Contrast helps you to grow and lets you know when you have come across a situation that is causing you to feel a negative emotion. It is in your best interest to divert your thought away from the lower vibrational frequency. As through the law of attraction you will only attract more negative thoughts, people, events and situations that won’t be pleasing to you.

It is best to think of something that is easy to appreciate and think good thoughts about and are neutral, meaning they have no strong emotional responses to you such as flowers, animals, nature, etc. Then later on when you have a few minutes, you can meditate, appreciate, write lists of positive aspects and slowly introduce the subject that caused you to slip out of your good feeling state. What you are doing is building yourself up to a higher frequency on the subject that knocked you down so that next time you think about the subject you will be in a better place. Delving too long in lower vibrational states makes you feel much worse if you frequently are feeling good about life.

When something happens which causes negative emotion in your life you need to acknowledge to yourself how you are feeling and thank the situation for bringing it to your awareness.  You also knew before you came into the physical that you would expand and grow from the negative situations that would occur and that you would be able to come back into vibrational alignment. There would be nothing that you would not be able to overcome. You can only achieve perfect vibrational alignment when you are dead. Life is not about perfection. It is about living in joy and growing from life’s experiences. You are here to sift through the contrast, negative and positive, to understand more clearly what you do want. Every time something negative occurs you want the opposite. If you feel sad you want to feel happy. Something made you feel angry you want to feel joy. Your life causes you to ask for better things. You could just go through life bringing yourself into alignment from negative to positive and wonderful things would happen and come your way and your would think, “Oh I wanted that to happen.”, “Oh I remember thinking I wanted one of those once”.

Being in vibrational alignment means maintaining a higher vibrational frequency that is equivalent to happiness, love, joy and attracts all good things.

Being out of vibrational alignment means being on a lower level of emotional frequency equivalent to sadness, anger, jealousy, fear etc., which attracts events that are not pleasing.

You are like a transmitter sending out frequencies and drawing to you matching frequencies. As we said everything is vibration. Your frequency is what the universe responds to. Bringing to you and orchestrating circumstances, events and people who a vibrational match to you. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.

How do you maintain your vibrational alignment in the positive?

  • Find a good feeling place emotionally.
  • Meditate. No thought is better than negative thought.
  • Think of all the good things you have in your life.
  • Before going to sleep think of all the good things that happened in your day and plan to have a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed the next day. Which ever emotion you go to sleep in is how you will wake up in the morning.
  • On waking in the morning lie in bed for a few minutes and appreciate the new day and the people you will spend the day with.
  • Plan you day in a positive way.
  • If negative thoughts pop in you know that they are an aspect in your life you need to work on.

Above all do things that you enjoy. Be and do things that make you laugh. Being happy and feeling good will bring you many wonderful events, more to appreciate. One in vibrational alignment is more powerful than a million who aren’t. Make the most of your time in the physical.

Appreciate, appreciate and appreciate. And as always Peace Love and Joy on YOUR JOurneY

©  Vibrational Alignment  2010


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